slavonian specialties
All the best souvenirs in Slavonia are edible and we do eat a lot. Our local restaurants offer a big variety of Croatian dishes. Fresh water fish prepared in different ways will surprise your taste buds. Tasty meat stews will make you refill your plate. Mixed grilled meat – so simple, yet so amazing.
And let’s not forget about cold cuts – “kulen” – a special type of a really big dry sausage together with all its “little” sausage cousins, cheese, pork cracklings, salad and sauces make a delicious starter.

Restaurants of Baranja – Baranjska Kuca, Josic and Didin Konak will charm your with their meals. Hotel Dunav in Ilok, Kod Ruze in Osijek or Pansion Budimir in Djakovo are really something.

Bon appetit and enjoy your meal!